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Dave North announces run for Natrona County Commissioners

County Commissioners select Dave North to sit on Parks Board



2020 Natrona County Commissioner Candidate Forum

In partnership with Natrona County Library and the Casper League of Women Voters July 16, 2020 Ramkota Hotel Casper, WY


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Replies to Oil City News Questions

What experiences from the past do you think most qualify you for the position?

The background and experience that I have is very diverse. Having owned several businesses has required me to deal with various circumstances, budgets, and regulatory requirements and personalities. The ability to plan and budget for projects and deliver a service and product that meet regulatory and company requirements and to stay within a budget helped me to understand the need for planning ahead. I have been continuously involved with boards including the Parks Board, currently President of the Platte River Rod and Gun Club, as well as many other groups within the county.

I have been continuously involved with our community and county since moving to Wyoming in 1986. After graduating from college I moved to Casper to work for the Game and Fish Department. In 2000 an opportunity opened for me to work at the Amoco Refinery doing reclamation and remediation work until the golf course was completed. The chance arose to start a business in Environmental and Safe Compliance. Over the next 17 years I worked for all of the major oil and gas companies in the state as a consultant.

I became the Fire Chief in Mills in 2019 and have worked with various agencies within the county and state. Having both Public sector and private sector positions and the owner of businesses, I understand the importance of budgets and working with agency heads to streamline operations while providing the services that are needed.

How do you think we can generate additional revenue?

All of the agencies within the county will have to tighten their respective budgets, but there are some agencies that are statutorily required to be fully operational while some, though required, do not have the same mandate. The revenue from selling Wyoming Medical Center will help to provide a stop gap and provide an opportunity to promote more diversity in the economic community. The County will still need to be frugal with the money and spend it wisely. The cuts in spending will need to come from the agency heads first. They know the areas that can be trimmed down, and if that isn’t adequate the commissioner will have to make the tough decisions. The county will be able to work through the difficult times while putting aside some of the resources for future use. We have to focus on bringing in business to Natrona County that are less susceptible to natural resource fluctuations. Natrona County has a lot to offer, and we need to use that to bring in companies.

What resolutions or measures would you like to introduce?

The sale of the hospital will provide a good influx of revenue, but we must get our businesses back up and running. We have already lost a lot of businesses due to Covid 19. The drop of oil prices and coal operations has also affected our economy. We have heard about diversity for years, but we need to pursue businesses that are not dependent on oil and gas production to help stabilize our economy. Currently construction is doing well in Natrona County but we need to expedite the permit process to make getting permits quicker and easier. Our zoning regulations are 30 years old and need to be brought up to date. By working with companies Natrona County will have the ability to attract new businesses.

What resolutions or measures would you like to introduce?

Currently the businesses that have been busy are the construction of home and infrastructure around the county. We need to expedite the permitting process to make it easier and quicker to get a building permit in the county. There is also a need to repair and/or replace several of the facilities on Casper Mountain within the Parks System. The shelters at Bear Trap need to be repaired or replaced along with the Lodge, the shelter at Ponderosa Park, and the water system. Easements, trail repairs and development of trails and signage need to be addressed. The parks on the mountain current need a lot of TLC. The County also needs to continually focus on the infrastructure including roads and bridges as well as improving opportunities at both Alcova and Pathfinder.

Are there any specific positions that the Board has taken that you disagree with?

I believe that there are things that the board has been dealing with for several years that need to be addressed and corrected. The parks system is one of these.

What is unique about governing at the county level?

The county government is unique because of the number of agencies that go through the county commissioner, however once the budget is approved the commission does not control of the day to day operations. Most of the agencies are overseen by other county elected official who answer to the voters and not the commission. The Parks, Building and Zoning, Fair Grounds, Road and Bridge, Library and Health departments are currently and exception to this. While the commissioner work as the first level to the equalization board for tax assessments, the commission is regulated by statutory controls. The Statutes strongly regulate what the commissioners can do.


Press Release

Dave North announces his run for Natrona County Commissioner

Dave North is running for Natrona County Commissioner. Dave has been active in Natrona county for several years. He is currently the Fire Chief in Mills, serves on the Natrona County Republican Central Committee, Natrona County Republican Executive Committee, the Vice Chair of the Parks Board and President of the Platte River Rod and Gun Club. Dave has also served on the Board of Directors for the World Safety Organization for the last 8 years. He moved to Wyoming in 1986 and has lived continuously in Natrona County since 1995. His wife and daughter are both Casper Natives. He owns a small business that provides Environmental and Safety consulting with the primary work being in the Oil and Gas industry. He has ties to the agriculture community and understands the challenges and water rights as a producer. Dave worked for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department from 1986-1999, and in 2000 went to work at the old Amoco refinery and was involved in the reclamation work and assisted in building the Three Crowns Golf Course. He was a certified peace officer and supports first responders and our military veterans.

As a fiscal and social conservative, he believes that we need to operate within the boundaries of our resources and work to improve our economy that has been devastated by the drop in oil and coal prices as well as the loss in revenue due to Covid 19 pandemic. The next year will be a challenge to the State due to the loss of revenue. We need to lead by helping businesses recover from this devastating blow. He strongly supports private property rights and the right to own and bear firearms. His goals are to have efficient government operations while supporting employees and working within the budgetary constraints. He has used his abilities to grow and maintain several of the Associations and Organizations that he belongs to. Dave is committed to Thomas Jefferson’s belief that a public office is not a career but is a responsibility to those who choose to participate. Dave will not stay in office for more than 2 terms and believes strongly in term limits and promises to hold himself to the same standard.

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