Dave North

I am a fiscal and social conservative and believe that we need to operate within the boundaries of our resources and work to improve our economy that has been devastated by the drop in oil and coal prices as well as the loss in revenue due to COVID-19 pandemic.

The next year will be a challenge to the State due to the loss of revenue. We need to lead by helping businesses recover from this devastating blow.

I strongly supports private property rights and the right to own and bear firearms. My goals as a commissioner would include ensuring efficient government operations while supporting employees and working within the budgetary constraints.

I share Thomas Jefferson’s belief that holding a public office is a responsibility and not a career and I commit to stay in office for no more than two terms.

I have applied my abilities to help grow and maintain the various organizations that I am involved with including both local and international groups.

I currently have the pleasure of serving as the Mills Fire Chief, I also serve on the Natrona County Central Committee and the Natrona County Executive Committee. I am also the vice chair of the Natrona County Parks Board and President of the Platte River Rod and Gun Club. As a board member of the World Safety Organization’s Board of Directors for eight years, I have made connections throughout the world with leaders that could help to bring new industry to Natrona County.

I moved to Wyoming and Natrona County in 1986 to work for the Game and Fish after graduating. I met my wife in 1992, while living in Casper and have been a continuous resident of Natrona County since 1995. My wife and daughter are native to Casper.

I started DNS Environmental which provides environment and safety consulting, primarily in the oil and gas industry and have worked for all of the Major oil and gas companies within the state as a consultant. I own property on the west side of town and produce hay and I am part of the agriculture community “and understands the challenges and water rights as a producer.”

I worked for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department from 1986 to 1999, before moving to work at the old Amoco refinery where I was involved in the reclamation work and assisted in building the Three Crowns Golf Course. I was a certified peace officer and support our first responders and all of our military veterans.

Our County Parks are in desperate need of repair.  Ponderosa Park burned down 9 years ago but wasn’t cleaned up until 2 years ago by volunteers. I was part of that group that did the cleanup and also part of the crew of volunteers that rebuilt the outhouse in 2019, so it could be used for all of the visitors at the park.  The shelters at Bear Trap Meadows have been neglected and will all need to be replaced.  The Nordic Lodge was condemned earlier this year and will also have to be replaced.  These facilities should have been taken care of through scheduled maintenance so that they would not have gotten to the condition they are currently in.  We need to continually work on our trail system to expand and improve them.  There are a lot of opportunities to proceed with different types of trails for various user groups, but they need to be developed correctly the first time around.

We need to continually improve the facilities at both Pathfinder and Alcova to meet the increased use and demand on the County Parks System.

Currently, construction is one of the few industries in Natrona County that is doing well, however the process for getting a building permit is time consuming and needs to be expedited.  There needs to be a stream line approach to getting permits and inspections in a timely manner.

Natrona Counties Zoning also needs to be brought up to date.  Many of the zoning plans are 30 years old when Natrona County was just coming out of the Boom from the 80’s.  It needs to be updated to reflect our current growth plans and potential for the future.

We need to focus on the things that will make the County more competitive to attract new businesses that will help to diversify the economy.  With the business experience and strong connections to outside industries such as the firearms industry, I am ready to help Natrona County Move forward for a positive future.

Thank You
Vote Dave North for County Commissioner on or before August 18th.

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